Female Orgasm System

"If the Heart makes only part
of the Cardiovascular System,
then the Vagina makes only part of the Female Orgasm System."

Too many physicians still think of the Vagina as simply a tube made for the insertion of a penis and for the delivery of a child.

The Circulatory System

In this 7-part, video series you'll discover...

  • The Components of the Female Orgasm System.  For Example:  Until recently, doctors could not even accurately measure hormones like Prolactin, DHEA, Growth Hormone, and free T3 (one of the forms of thyroid).  Now we cannot only measure these hormone, but we can think about how they can be manipulated to achieve maximal health and function of the system.
  • Why just like with any other system, every part of the system must be functioning properly for best results--and how to start tuning and ACTIVATING the system.
  • Detailed discussions of various parts of the vagina and how each part of the vagina integrates with the whole system.
  • And much more!

See the 7-part, live video series and membership area with discussion and further teachings (including intimate instructional videos)...

Atlas of the Female Orgasm System...A Step-by-Step Map to Increased Pleasure, Deeper Relations, and Personal Enlightenment...

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